Slacks The Process

The Supercrease® system brings low-cost crease retention benefits to the majority of garment cloth types, synthetic or natural.

The process varies by industry but in general the technique is the same:

Once the garment has been pressed, it is placed on our table, designed and manufactured for ease of use in order to ensure an expeditious turnaround time. A thin line of formulated resin is then applied to the crease with a small handheld cartridge and low-pressure air compressor - via a foot-pedal. The resin dries instantly and within minutes the garment can be worn. Supercrease® is formulated to withstand repeated washing, dry cleaning, and everyday user wear. The processed creases stay as sharp and natural as the day they were pressed, and remain that way for the life of the garment.

The operation is fast, operator friendly, low maintenance, and uses virtually energy-free technology. It operates equally well in small scale or high-volume applications.

We provide a full support package to our customers including operator training, guidance, and certification. The service technicians are then committed to regular follow-up to assure you get the best start on the process. Our first-class customer service is to guarantee that Supercrease® is utilized to the best of its qualities for both your business aspirations and your customers' satisfaction.